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How Many Customers Are You Losing Because They Can’t Find Your Website on Their Cell Phone?

If you’ve read anything about mobile phones lately then you know that millions of dollars are being spent by people making purchases through their cell phones. Whether they order a product or service with their cell phone on the spot or simply call the business directly it is clear that  small businesses need to have  a mobile optimized website!

In one moment you’re going to see exactly what your website looks like on a typical smart phone. But first let me ask you one question: how many customers do you think you’re losing as a result of them not being able to find your website when they’re looking for it?  Not sure? Then enter your website address into the mobile simulator below to see how your website appears to your customers when they’re using their cell phones: (enter www.yourwebsitename.com)

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So now that you know what your website looks like on a cell phone, here’s another question for you. If your customers cannot find or contact your business immediately, how long do you think they will search for your site or a way to contact you before moving on to a competitor of yours? Fifteen seconds? Ten seconds maybe? The reality is that most people will leave your site after 5 seconds if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

 If Your Customers Can’t Find What They’re Looking for Within 5 Seconds They’re Moving On.

Imagine this: your spouse calls you in the middle of the day and says that one of your bathroom pipes has just sprung a leak. They’ve managed to shut the main water valve off but its clear that you need a plumber ASAP. Take a look at the following two websites (both displayed on a mobile phone) and see for yourself which one is easier to read:


As you can see, the website on the left has not been optimized for a mobile phone, and the one on the right clearly has. So if you’re trying to find a plumber fast then more than likely you will choose the site on the right. Does this mean that the plumbing company on the  right is a better plumbing company? Absolutely not! But- they’ve clearly made it easier for their customers to find them using their cell phones.

On the next page I’ve put together a number of different mobile friendly websites from a variety of different businesses. Take a look at them and decide for yourself if investing in a mobile website would make it easier for your customers to do business with you!


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